A lonely white cat came to the store every day,sat down at the entrance and waited for something!

Last week,a girl named Tanya Sants decided to go to a store located next to her home in Mexico.Thinking about pressing problems,she almost overlooked the cat,which for some reason lingered at the entrance.

Tanya could not know that the animal there was not accidental at all,but soon found out that the smart cat had chosen this place with a specific purpose.
The girl gently greeted the kitten,and he seemed to be just waiting for that.The pet approached her and looked into her eyes as if begging to follow him.Tanya was surprised to realize that the pet was taking her to the store,and even to a certain place1
Yes,yes,the skinny kitten led the girl to where cat goodies were sold.Of course,she bought a treat for the baby.

The girl found out that the cat sits at the entrance to the store every day trying to find people who will agree to buy him a treat.Then he goes somewhere,but no one knows exactly where…
Intrigued Tanya decided to find out if the cat has a home.During another trip to the store,she met a cat sitting alone at the entrance again.Having bought food for the pet,the girl followed him and soon made sure that the cat was a stray.This small store was the only place for him where he could somehow get food.Maybe the pet even thought it was something like at home.
That same evening,Tanya decided that she would take the amazing cat home and keep it forever.After all.he deserves a better life!

So the cat got a mistress,a warm house and food that will never end.The baby will never have to sit at the store again,desperately waiting for a kind person who will have pity and feed him.
The store staff sincerely thanked Tanya for her good deed.Finally,she assured the sellers that now the cat would have as much food as he had never dreamed of!

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