A man risked his life to save a 200-kilogram bear drowing in the ocean.

The bear wandered into the courtyard of a residential building in California,or rather in Florida.The owners decided to call the police to drive the beast away,but he didn’t want to leave.And then the police decided to shoot the bear with a dart containing a tranquilist.

As soon as the substance began to act gradually,the beast ran towards the ocean in panic,and then passed out during the swim.As it turned out,it was not the best solution.The further the animal swam,the stronger the substance acted until it began to fall asleep and sink.

And then a man named Adam Warwick,a biologist by education,decided to act slowly and rushed into the ocean to save the animal.Eyewitnesses were shocked by what was happening and began to shoot it on camera.Adam later shared that when he saw the animal sink,he didn’t even think that the animal was large and scared,so he could easily deal with it.

When he swam up,the bear was already recovering,but he couldn’t stay afloat,his paws were refused.Adam reacted instantly,grabbing him by the neck and swimming held the animal’s head over the water.It wasn’t easy,but the man didn’t give up.

Everyone watched with a sinking heart how the man took out the bear weighing two centners on land.The biologist was almost unharmed,except for a couple of scratches from bear’s paws and a damaged leg.

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