A nine-year-old caring German Shepherd, whose name was Sarge, became a responsible and caring mother for several orphan fawns

The loyalty and loving temperament of dogs are a great reason for people to admire them. They are so kind, friendly and affectionate pets.

Their great hearts are always open for anyone lack of comfort, love and support.

And this is not only true for people, but also other creatures around them.

A German Shepherd, named Sarge, has a big and kind heart, who takes care even of tiny orphan fawns.

Her caring owner Cheryl Stephan, adopted various orphan animals for some years, as well as some adorable tiny fawns.

The dog was so kind and generous, that he got along to all animals at home, but he especially had a compassion with the first adopted orphan fawn, named Buckheat.

At first, when Sarge saw the cute creature, he felt warm emotions in his heart.

Soon he chose his beloved creature and became a guardian for him. He became a typical mother for the little fawn.

Wherever the little creature went, Sarge chased him, just for being sure that Buckheat was safe and sound.

Soon, when Buckheat grew and was strong enough, the owner had to let him go to wild.

But Sarge was very disappointed. Cheryl even thought that he would never make friends with another creature more than the fawn.

Luckily, she was mistaken. When Cheryl brought new little and orphan fawns home, Sarge again display his tenderness.

And again gained the title of being their mother. His mission was that, because his heart was big and unique.

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