A pigeon that can’t fly made friends with a dog who can’t walk…

A puppy named Landy is a special baby who really needed a friend.The dog is unable to walk normally because he has congenital paw disease.But soon he found a friend.It was a pigeon named Herman who knows perfectly what it means to be different from everyone else.

The dog and the bird had a lot in common.A sympathy immediately arose between Herman and Landy.
Both the puppy and the pigeon clearly enjoyed each other’s company,and the bird periodically gently ran its head over the dog’s face.The pigeon seemed to understand that a small fragile baby needed attention,love and support.

For special pets such as Landy and Herman,life presents many unpleasant surpirses,but these two are definitely lucky,because always they are together!
And thanks to caring guradians,the dog and pigeon can safely enjoy life and their friendship.

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