A policeman gave life to an abandoned disabled dog.

In Albany,New York,some scoundrels threw the wounded puppy on the sidelines,leaving him to die.

The situation was also aggravated by the fact that neither stopped drivers nor even animal rights activists who came on their call could help the puppy.It seemed that the poor guy had no chance anymore.And then a patrol policeman came to the rescue,who literally gave the puppy a second life.

On Halloween night,some scoundrels on one of the streets of Albany,New York,threw a wounded dog out of the car on the go — and rushed at full speed.The dog couldn’t move and only wooed while lying on the ground.

Fortunately,the dog lying on the ground was noticed by two compassionate women passing by.Not knowing what to do,they wrapped the puppy in a blanket and took him to the nearest police station.

Patrol police officer John-David Hill called the local animal protection center.But the animal rights activists who arrived said they couldn’t help the dog by offering to put him to sleep.But policeman Hill disagreed with this proposal and firmly decided to help the dog.

The policeman took the puppy to his home,giving him the name Jack.After being on duty,he took the dog to a 24-hour veterinary clinic.Doctors said that the wound is already old,to treat it late and the best solution would be to amputate it.Hill agreed with the doctors’ offer and diligently nursed the dog after surgery.

Despite his disability,Jack turned out to be a cheerful and playful dog,ready to endlessly rejoice that he finally has a house.»He plays ball,runs around the house,jumps on the couch on his own,»says Hill.»He’s nervous when he meets a stranger for the first time,but if you give him a chance to sniff yourself,he will immediately climb to lick you!»

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