A pregnant dog with desperate eyes wandered around the parking lot and looked into everyone’s eyes.

In the parking lot there was an unfortunate dog which was pregnant.She was clearly sick,and she frankly asked for help,looking in the people’s eyes.

The pregnant dog was noticed by one of the customers.The woman immediately assessed her position and realized that the dog was sick,she was about to start giving birth,so she would need help.Then she took the dog with her.
She spent the day at home,was fed and sheltered,and then visited a veterinarian for examination.The dog’s condition did not case any concerns,the doctor decided that it was quite capable of giving birth to healthy cubs.The only thing that was bed was the the animal was overcome by fleas.

Only two days passed,and a new pet gave birth in her new home.She became the mother of an unthinkable number of puppies — fifteen.The young mother did a great job and gave birth to absolutely healthy offspring.

The dog fully trusted its new friends and mentors,and was not afraid that they were approaching her puppies and gratefully accepted all the help.
Now the whole large family lives together,but when the children grow up,they will look for new good owners.

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