A pregnant mongrel fought for life until the girl took her to the house so that she could calmly give birth.

Today Sofia Andryushina shared the story about her dog.The girl says that she has never met a smarter and kinder animal…

The history of the pet is quite sad in the past.A dog named Dusya once lived on the street.Like many other mongrels,her fate was difficult,as the animal had to fight for life all the time.

Beautiful Dusya was repearedly offended by people,but she was not discouraged and seemed to hope for the best.The poor mongrel had to give birth to puupies on the street.In February 2019,she was pregnant again…

Fortunately,it was at that moment that Sophia paid attention to the pet and finally decided to give a dog a better life.The girl was not afraid to take home a pregnant mongrel.On February 22,she sheltered Dusya,and on February 23 she already gave the new mistress puppies.
When the puppies grew up and got stronger,the girl found them wonderful owners,and Dusya,of course,stayed with her.

The baby is very grateful to her mistress for sheltering and giving her a house.Anyway,Dusya catches every word and every look of Sophia,trying to please the mistress in every possible way.

Thanks to the girl for helping the pregnant mongrel!

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