A puppy from the shelter hugs his sister after she was rescued.

Recently,a volunteer organization received a call informing about the need to help the dog family.The volunteers quickly arrived at the address and saw two puppies and a mother dog living in terrible conditions.

It was obvious that the owners don’t care about pets at all.According to volunteers they were placed in a garbage and apparently only occasionally the owners gave them some food and left.
And the owners calmly agreed that Leila and Peach who were only 5 months old together with Lady’s seven-year-old mother,should be taken to a shelter.

Fortunately,the cubs were healthy,but they were very shy.When the shelter staff noticed Peach hugging Leila,as if calming her down,they could not hide their tears.
Little by little they are taught to get used to the presence of people and communicate with them.The process is slow,but the staff achieves certain results step by step.

Lady is already a pretty sociable dog who is happy to go for a walk and loves to meet new people.Also,brother and sister are very attached to each other,so as soon as they are ready for adoption,a prerequisite for the shelter will be that they be taken together in the same house and not separated.

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