A resident of Serbia saved more than a thousand dogs,but 750 pets are still waiting for him…

The only thing the animals need is care and love.But not all people are ready to treat our four-legged friends well and they turn out to be completely defenseless thorn into the street like an unnecessary thing.

Today we will talk about a man who can be called a real hero.Alexander lives in Serbia and it was there that he decided to build a large shelter for stray dogs.Opening the shelter 13 years ago,he did not expect how full it would be.And at the moment,750 dogs live there.

And he decided to do it when returning home after work,he saw two puppies in the middle of the road who were abandoned.The man could not pass by and stop thinking about how to help the babies,despite the fact that he was a simple worker and he had little money.
But soon he became one of the most active animal defenders in Serbia,who did not refuse to help any dog.In the beginning,he found six like-minded people who assisted in opening a shelter where dogs will always be full and warm.

Alexander receives donations from all countries and it it through donations that the shelter can function.Over the years,he had saved 1,200 dogs,400 of whom found caring owners,and 750 are still waiting for their owner.

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