A sad dog from a shelter was adopted by a kind family,and from the first minute he began to establish his own rules in the house!

Nina Neverova shared with us the story of her favoorite dog,whom her family took from the shelter.Since then,people’s lives have completely changed,because their little friend bean to establish his own rules in the house!

The charming pet was nicknamed Philipok,and from the first minute in the new house he began to behave very seriously and like an adult.He immediately stopped being shy,carefully studied every corner of new house,showing himself to be a full owner.The baby behaved very confidently and immediately began to establish his order.
Philipok does not allow his owners to smoke in his presence,He probably thinks it will harm his health.He doesn’t like it when the owners walk or run fast.He immediately expresses his dissatisfaction,hinting that it is desirable thet everyone is next to each other.

The dog has been living in the family for five years,protecting his loved ones in every possible way.He doesn’t let them swim,worrying thet they will drown.Philipok constantly keeps order,grumbling at those who violate it.During the walk,he looks carefully around so that his owners do not inadvertently meet hooligans.

Philipok managed to accustom his family to order,and even neighbors already know how to behave properly.And local dogs bypass Philipok on the tenth road,considering him boring.
What a miracle you can take in the shelter!

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