A sad homeless puppy put his face on a man’s shoe.The man’s heart trembled!

Fortunately,there are many people in the world who care about the fate of animals.

Irina Yudova’s family belongs to this category of caring citizens.Recently,a woman shared a touching story of meeting her dog.It happened in 2015…
Ira was walking through the underground passage when she noticed a company of volunteers.Desperate to find a pet home,the guys took the ouppies with them,put them in small enclosures right in the passage so that all passers-by could see the pets.

Coming closer to the company of people and dogs,Irina and her husband noticed that one of the dogs was not sitting in the enclosure,but lying on the ground near the chair,seeing off passer-by with a sad look.
Husband and wifer came closer to the baby to get know her.The dog looked at them and then put her face on Ira’s shoe.That was enough to win people’s hearts!They decided to shelter the baby.Now the dog has a house and loving owners who will never leave in trouble.

Last November,Irina brought home a street cat,feeling sorry for the animal.
Spouses adore their pets,pamper them and rejoice that fate has brought them together with their pets.Thanks to the family for helping our smaller brothers!

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