A skinny dog couldn’t believe its happiness:people paid attention to it…

Driving along the highway,one driver suddenly saw an animal,but did not immediately understand who it was.It was a frightened and lost dog…

The man was driving with his wife.Coming closer,both realized that the animal was looking with horror at everyone who was passing by,very afraid and clearly frozen.
The couple tried to approach the animal,but the poor thing was so scared that she began to run away from them,then they followed her straight into the forest near the highway.
The dog quickly lost,but the couple sill hoped to find it.And they did it — there was a frightened animal nearby,but did nt want to go out to the people calling it.
Affectionately persuading her,the man and woman were still able to win the favor of the fugitive.

The dog allowed to be picked up and even put her paws on the man’s shoulders,but was still very scared,although she had already hoped that she would be helped.
But in the car the animal had fun and finally ceased to be afraid.There was some playfulness and cheerfulness in behavior,the dog realized that he could trust his saviors.

Arriving at her new home,the dog experienced real bliss — she was fed,washed,combed and provided with a cozy place to sleep and relax.On the first day,the skinny girl got her nickname — because the couple planned to keep it.At the same time,they already kept one dog,but decided that they would be able to provide proper care for the second animal.
Soon she began to get better and enjoy everything around her.The once thin and abandoned animal is now happy,it’s doing well.

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