A smart dolphin carries gifts to people from the seabed and exchanges them for food:))

Dolphins belong to one of the most intellectual representatives of the animal world.It has long been proven that they exist at a fairly developed level of social relations and communicate with each other with the help of body language,as well as the transmission of sound signals.

This animal has an amazing ability to understand people and decided to bring them peculiar gifts from the seabed,exchanging them for food.
Mystic is a 29-year-old dolphin who seems to understand that no one can resist a wonderful gift.He usually brings volunteers from the Barnacles Dolphin Center in Tin-Kahn Bay,Queensland(Australia)) various gifts from the seabed.His methods are often effective in obtaining the desired treat,as people immediately reach out to gifts.

Corals,shells and old bottles are just some of the items that the smart Mystic brought in exchange for food.Although the dolphin is now known as an excellent treasure hunter,the truth is that all he wants in return is a good fish.
Mystic is a very smart dolphin who is also quite cunning and constantly looking for new ways to attract people.

This charming creature is one of seven dolphins in the group,but the only one who brings gifts from the sea.Volunteers assure that they were afraid that after the lifting of restrictive measures,the dolphin would get used to a large number of people and stop wearing gifts to them,but this did not happen,the smart dolphin still uses his amazing way of working with people.

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