A three-day-old seal baby was looking for help and protection from people

Employees of the yacht club, located in Strelna, one day in February noticed a small animal slowly crawling on the ice.

At first, they thought it was a puppy, but upon closer inspection, they found a baby Baltic seal.

Workers reported the find to animal rights activists, who quickly arrived at the scene.

Examination of the baby showed that he was born three days ago – this was indicated by the not completely dried umbilical cord. The fluffy animal turned out to be a female.

The abnormally warm winter brought its own changes: the baby appeared before the appointed time. Under normal conditions, it should have appeared towards the end of February.

The newborn needed special care and was settled in a special box. Conditions suitable for growth and development were created in it, the baby was fed with a mixture of minced meat and fish oil every 2-3 hours. Reliable hands did not allow the baby to die.

Later she was released back to her home – sea, and never came back. This is not the first time when baby seals appear helpless, and we humans are their only rescuers in such situations.

Thanks to the animal lovers, the baby received a chance for life. She is very lucky!

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