A three-month-old panda baby lives in France,whom the whole country loves!

Back in August,a wonderful baby panda was born in a French zoo called Zoo de Beauval!

At the moment,he is more that three months old,his eyes even opened,and now he looks like a big plush toy…)
So far,the baby’s name is Mini Yuan Zi,in honor of his father — Yuan Zi.Traditionally,soon(after 100 days) he will be given a new name.

The baby’s mom is Huan-Huan.That day she gave birth to two babies,but one of them turned out to be very weak and immediately died.But Mini Yuan Zi grows up to be a healthy and strong pet!
All the time the baby is with his mother,who takes care of him!She is always there and always ready to warm the child!

Pandas came to France back in 2012,when China kindly provided them for 10 years.Then,these pets are a symbol of friendly realtions between counties.
We hope everything will be great with panda parents and their baby!

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