A tiny abandoned puppy chases the police and begs to be taken away..

The little puppy was incredibly happy and left that he was already safe after he was rescued from the street by two police officers.
Mercado and Tavera,two loyal police officers of the Hollywood Los Angeles Police Department,patrolled the streets of Los Angeles when they suddenly noticed a little puppy.

When the puppy saw two police officers,he felt like they could help him.He quickly chased them and wanted to attract their attention.At that moment,the two policemen realized that they could not resist such a charming baby.

They immediately picked up the puppy and moved him to the police car.The dog was taken to the police station.There he was fed and taken care of by good officers who decided to give him the nickname Hobart,in honor of the place where they originally found him.

Soon Mercado decided that he had already got attached to Hobart so he took the dog to his home.
He took care to make this little puppy happy and give him everything he could even want or need.

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