A touching story about the amazing bond between a lioness and humans

This story is about an unusual friendship between a predator and two guys.

You see Sirga, a lioness that weighs 50 kg and naturalists – the German Gruner Valentin and the Dane Legart Mikkel.

Even as a child, Sirga was one of three lion cubs expelled from the pride – the lion family. Two died. Sirga was left completely alone, had no food. But Gruner and Legart did not want to catch the lion cub and close it in a cage.

However, the lion cub may not have survived. Therefore, naturalists did not leave the animal to perish.

Sirga grew up and became strong, beautiful. Surprisingly, she regards her rescuers as if they were part of her family. Moreover, these two guys taught the lioness how to hunt.

The saved Sirga communicates only with them. She has long hunted herself but allows naturalists to be nearby after she catches an antelope and begins to crack down on it.

Of course, like other animals, wild lions are afraid of people. But this does not apply to Sirga. She doesn’t mind at all if people are around. She doesn’t even look at them. But problems can begin when a lion, already accustomed to people, is released into “free swimming”.

“But we still want to release Sirga someday,” Mikkel adds.

The difficulty is where to move the wild lions. If this is a new unprotected place, then they will definitely return to the previous one. After all, there was food for them.

If the lions are simply brought to another place of residence, they will disturb the lion family, which already lives there.

That is, not everything is so easy and simple.

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