A touching story of the life of an unusual cat Marsic

It was in the late distant nineties.I was serving a car near the garage.Suddenly,a tiny gray kitten crawled out under the car.He was so weak that he could barely hold on his legs.
I went home and took out a piece of sausage,which he immediately ate.And disappeared…

In the evening,my wife and I sat down for dinner,and suddenly my wife noticed the cat on the windowsill.We couldn’t stand it and let him in.As it turned out — forever!That is,for his whole cat life.
And out Marsic became a full-fledged member of his family.

Our happiness lasted 14 years.By cat standards,not very long.
One day I let him out on the street as usual.It was in March.I saw him run twenty meters from the house,stop and look at me.He never looked at me like that.
Then I found out that cats never die at home and go to die in another dimension.In ancient Egypt,cats were sacred animals.

Since then,every year on March 11,I remember my Marsic,which brought us so much bright and joyful life.
Vertlieb Mikhail

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