A trembling orphan puppy was hiding in the thickets, but someone’s hands suddenly picked him up from the ground.

Once in the forest thickets,people noticed a puppy.Caring people contacted with the volunteers and the shelter staff came to specified place.At first they could not find the baby.

The thickets were too thick,and volunteers had to make their way through before they could find the puppy.

The baby looked confused,and a fright was in his shiny eyes.

Taking the baby,the woman looked around to make sure there were no other puppies nearby.Soon she noticed another baby,but,unfortunately,they couldn’t help him…

And the little Angel,as the volunteer called the dog,the woman carried it straight to the car.
They the baby was taken to a veterinary clinic.The doctor examined him,took tests and prescribed treatment.

As soon as Angel’s health improved,he was found a temporary home.The little girl was in warmth and comfort with the owners who sincerely loved him!

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