A truck driver saved a cat but tragically lost him. He found the cat one day and burst into tears.

Matthew, who works as a truck driver, has been driving by himself for a long time. But 3 years ago, the man warmed a homeless cat in his car, whom he named Ash, and already together they began to travel along American roads.

June last year was a sad month for Matthew. At a stop in Springfield, his gray pet, very frightened, escaped from the truck.

The man immediately ran after the cat but did not find it to no avail. For several months he traveled all around, but the result was zero.

After 6 months, some women found an unfortunate cat on the street, clinging to a car. He was so cold that he was shivering from the cold.

The animal was sent to the Lollypop farm, where homeless creatures were kept. Employees found a chip on it, thanks to which they learned that in front of them was the “lost” Pepel.

That’s just how the cat ended up 2000 km from his owner’s house remains a mystery. When Matthew learned that his Ash had been found, he didn’t believe it at first. And then he sobbed and began to rejoice, like a child.

Thankfully, now these two are together. We hope that nothing will again part them.

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