A unique frame was published on the network — a baby weasel on a woodpecker soars high in the sky.

What you will see now is not a drawing — the fruit of human imagination.It’s not Photoshop,it’s the most real case.In the photo you can see how the weasel flies on horseback on a real woodpecker.The photo was taken by English amateur photographer Martin Le May in one of London’s parks.

However,we will not tell you today about the touching friendship of weasel wit birds,as you might think.Everything is much more prosaic — one of our heroes can be a dinner for the other.
Weasels look like funny fluffy animals,but they are also known as nest destroyers.If necessary,they will eat not only egg,helpless chicks,bu also quite adult birds.

This time something went wrong and the bird literally took a predatory animal out of the nest.The photographer says that he was going to show his wife a woodpecker on this day and therefore during the walk the camera was already prepared to take shots.Suddenly the woodpecker landed right 25 meters from the couple.

Weasel was afraid of people and ran away into the grass,and the woodpecker flew further.I wonder of it will be possible to once again see such a unique and rare case and especially shoot it on camera?Let’s hope so.

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