A very persistent kid grabbed the cat by the hind legs: this is how the cat reacted

I never cease to be amazed at how clever cats are! Everyone would like such a cat in the house!

Cats and dogs, although they do not understand a word – they know how to distinguish adults from children.

They have a particularly reverent attitude towards little people. Children cause them tenderness, a desire to protect and care.

It is immediately evident that this cat loves his baby friend. He holds her hind legs, but she does not resist.

The cat turns and carefully licks his bald head. Maybe she really wants to be a mother, and at this moment she imagines how to wash her kittens?

Be that as it may, the baby is very pleased with such care! He smiles and puts his head up again, and the cat licks it happily. This is repeated many, many times.

Here is such a funny game for the cat and the baby. The child’s mother, seeing such an idyll, hastened to film it.

And now Internet users revise it over and over again. It’s a very touching and cute picture. The video has already been watched over seven million times! It evokes so much affection!

Obviously, both the cat and the little child had an enjoyable time together.

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