A village cat found a swam chick and dragged him to lonely pensioners,who went out and saved him.

A lonely,elderly married couple lived in a small village in the hinterland.They lived withtheir red cat Paramon,who was simply adored and he was a pet for fifteen years and loved to go fishing with his grandfather.

One day,Paramon got slightly sick and was not so active.But he didn’t want to stay at home,he went out to vegrant.Grandma got worried and went to look for him.And so,for several days they unsuccessfully searched for a pet and missed him very mch,thinking that he was already at a venerable age and,apparently,would not return again.
But a few days later,in the morning,they heard a familiar meowing and rushed to the door.Paramon decided to appear,but not alone,but together with a tiny chick of unknown origin,with wounded wing.

The little chick healed in their house in a box,where Paramon often climbed,but with the best intentions.
He hugged his friend,and he sat stuck his beak in the cat’s belly.Already in the spring,the swan grew up and became an adult,beautiful bird.Grandpa and grandma took him to the lake and made him a boardwalk house there.
And a few days later,the swan returned to them with his girlfriend,the old men then saw the nest by the lake and soon the swans hatched and so the whole family went to visit the old people.

And the most amazing thing is that they flew south to the cold,which greatly upset Paramon,but by spring,having arrived back,they stopped by again.

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