A volunteer saved a puppy from catching…

They wanted to exterminate a young dog.The puppy lived in the yard of the local school.The mongrel didn’t disturb anyone but the parents of the children.Those,having found the animal,sounded the alarm and caught it.

But,fortunately,a caring girl found the baby.The volunteer took her to her home and provided a temporary overexposure.
People thought that the stray dog could pose a threat to children.A wild animal can attack or just scare schoolchildren,even if he wants to play.Children can interpret the behavior of the animal in different ways.

After all,the baby was incredibly lucky,she was taken away on time.Now she is taught basic skills,fed,provided with warmth,comfort and care.But it’s all temporaryThe baby is very kind,responsive and sociable.She will become a faithful guard and favorite pet for a new family.

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