A wet kitten was sitting in the parking lot and crying,asking every passerby for help…

The little kitty,which was sitting and wet in the parking lot in the rain,was not even two months old.It could only meow plaintively,trying to attract the attention of people passing by him.And only one woman paid attention to a wet kitty,saved his life and gave him a faithful friend.

It rained heavily that day.Katie Blowin,a resident of Quebec in Canada,left the hospital and was about to get into the car,when she heard a complaining meow that came from the garbage cans.
Seeing a woman approaching,the cat stepped back,but the woman confidently took her to the car.It was clear that the kitten was deliberately abandoned on the street,and no one would come for him.That’s why the woman decided to take the baby to her house.The mistress’s children called the cat Whippet.

The kitten was first of all fed,warmed up,as it froze a lot in the rain.Whippet didn’t find a better way to thank Katie than to climb on her shoulder and purr loudly,fall asleep.
But the woman not only saved the kitten from starvation,but also gave him a real friend.At that time,the family already had a pet — the cat named Oreo,which showed interest in a new family member from the first minute.
Since then,they have become inseparable.Whippet did not move one step away from the adult cat,and Oreo showed his father’s care for the baby,periodically completely licking her.

The mistress likes to joke that Whippet considers Oreo his mother.Oreo taught Whippet how to wash properly,go to the toilet and eat.
They always play together,sleep and just wander around the house without moving away from each other a single step.
Today Whippet is four months old and he is not tired of following the big Oreo.

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