A white cloud-like dog conquers the heart at first sight!

This baby is a real star of the shelter where the pet is.And there are enough reasons for that.A very young puppy who has reached all couples months causes a sincere and genuine feeling of emotion.

It’s like a medicine that definitely won’t have side effects.And the effect is endless and only effective — positive emotions around the clock.

Secondly,our so far unnamed guy is very handsome.A white fluffy lump resembles a cute air cloud that you don’t want to let go of your hands.And it would be very symbolic to call this baby a white,clean,untainted sheet on which you can write your story:)

For example,about how a baby will change your life for the better.How many bright colors and rich emotions will bring to it.How much joy and pleasant moments,how many memories will appear with the appearance of the puppy in the house.

Dogs are always amazing creatures that give a person a new,some incredible opprtunity to love and care.Baby is looking for a house!

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