A wild orangutan lends a helping hand to a man stuck in the mud.

Anil Prabhakar is a naturalist photographer from Indonesia who managed to film a touching manifestation of kindness after continuing his planned work in the jungle.

The photographer bean cooperation with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation and visited the foundation in 2019 to learn more about the program.This organization saves orangutans from habitat loss,poachers and those who keep them in captivity.They will save them and help them return to the wild.

During a tour of the protected area of the foundation,he saw a member of the team entering the river,approaching the area of residence of the orangutan.Anil wondered for what purpose the man was doing it and received an answer that a snake had been seen there.
Poisonous snakes are dangerous for orangutans,so it is their responsibility to stop their likely meeting.Thus,the young man began to clean these bushes all over the river,and he seemed to be moving in slow motion because his legs were stuck in the mud.

«And suddenly an orangutan came closer to the river bank,sat down and began to see what this man was doing.»
«When the man made every effort to get out of the mud,the orangutan put his left hand on the bank of the river and stretched out is other hand to him.And it looked incredibly touching.»

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