A woman born without hands, raising two children alone and working as a make-up artist

The girl’s name was Vera for a reason. She was born without arms and one leg was shorter than the other.

Unfortunately, no one could find out why, and the indifference of the doctors translated into the following sentence: «She will not live five more years».

The state of mind of the parents is impossible to describe. But even in this situation, the love of his parents did not fail him, and they did not even consider the possibility of taking him to an orphanage.

Vera grew up in a happy and, most importantly, kind and loving family, where she was never discouraged and where no one gave up. Her older brothers and sisters never let her get into trouble and treated her with great attention.

He studied remotely, but very hard. He even learned to write with his feet. And not once did she ask for help. But through all these difficult years, she has kept a positive attitude and faith, which is very symbolic.

Today, she does embroidery and is a graduate makeup artist. She is regularly photographed and interviewed, but despite her notoriety, she remains a simple and very friendly person with an authentic smile.

After all, Vera is a role model for all of us and a reason to think about our own abilities.

She earns a living, earns money, does what she loves and raises children, all with her own unique personality.

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