A woman found a dog,but the dog ran away,leaving only puppies…

One day a volunteer named Lisa traveled by car.Suddenly she noticed some movement in the bushes.A moment later,a black dog came out of there.
As soon as Lisa approached her,she rushed.The woman looked around in confusion and immediately noticed tiny puppies.

A moment later,the puppies were in the woman’s car,but she failed to find the dog.
However,the woman came to the same place the next day.She really found the dog,but she hid under under the hood of someone else’s car and refused to go out.

And then Lisa realized that the only was out was to set a trap.Just the next day it worked,and the woman was able to take the puppies’ mother with her.
By the way, the puppies were very worried that she was absent,especially a tiny puppy named Sam.The baby even fell into depresiion,but when he finally met his mother,he was just dancing with joy!

And soon all the puppies were taken into the house by kind people!Good owners were also found for a charming mother,who was named Ru.
Today they are all very happy,and Lisa is infinitely glad that she was able to help them!

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