A woman picked up a skinny cat on the street…

This story began back in 2004,when Ekaterina Rassokina’s mother suddenly brought a skinny Persian cat into the house.The animal was in a disgusting state
!Not only did the poor thing’s wool look more like a solid tangle,but it was also confused by shards of glass and pieces of garbage.Besides,the cat couldn’t open her eyes…

A good woman and her daughter bathed a kitten and then cut off the wool that stayed into tangles.Kate’s parents even planed an ad,thinking that the animal was lost and someone was looking for it,but the owners were never found.

Fifteen years have passed since then!Kate still doesn’t know how the kitten ended up on the street,and it doesn’t matter anymore.The main thing is that she is happy.
In early August 2016,the girl and her parents went to the village.One day a thin cat came to their house,this time Siamese.The animal looked more like a skeleton weighing one and a half kilograms.

People,without hesitation,left the poor thing,trying to find the previous owners,but they did not succeed again.The ct lived in the country house all summer,ate,and then Kate’s classmate sheltered the baby at home.
Only thanks to the indifference of Kate and her wonderful parents,kittens are now alive and happy.Thanks to the family for helping our smaller brothers.

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