A woman saw two inseparable dogs on the sidelines.

The woman noticed two stray dogs on the side of the road that did not depart from each other.The poor were in a sad state,and as if they were waiting for someone.

An American woman noticed two stray dogs by the road who did not depart from each other.The dogs were in a sad state — no one has taken care of them for a long time.The woman immediately decided to help the poor,and reported them to the local shelter Logan’s Legacy.
According to the neighbors,these two dogs lived on the street for a long time.They were in the same area,and as if they were waiting for someone — but no one came for weeks.They are very attached to each other,and were always together.According to one version,the owners just abandoned their dogs in this place,and since then the animals have been waiting for their return.

Dogs turned out to be trusting and friendly — it was clear that they were used to being with people.The volunteer put them in different cages…but then regretted it.
«They tried to reach each other through the cages,and really wanted to be together»,says the volunteer.The woman had to stop and put the dogs together in one seat — after that they hugged and felt much more comfortable.

In the shelter,the dog were given the nicknamed Pasta and Pepsi.Now they are cared for,given medicines,and surrounded by love.When the inseparable fluffies recover,the owners will be found her them.

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