Abandoned puppy gives an emotional thank you to the woman that rescued him

Dogs are always grateful especially to those who take care of them. But today’s story proves that not only family pets can be thankful but also those living in the streets.

A woman rescued a stray dog and filmed how the animal expresses his thankfulness. But before the happy end let us introduce the whole story.

Once a woman was walking on a street when she noticed some abandoned dogs. They were not only left without food and water but also were chained.

The horrible scene didn’t let this kindhearted human sleep. The next day she decided to set the poor dogs free.

As she speaks, she gets emotional, explaining that outside it was 100+ degrees. The poor puppies couldn’t make a small step because they were strictly tied up.

This woman did a very kind step and she is worthy of our respect. One of the pups which then was called Rover was also grateful. The way the dog expressed his thankfulness makes everyone cry.

As they were riding home, the woman was gently snuggling the pet. She wouldn’t have imagined that Rover could comfort her back with his tiny paw.

This is such a beautiful and tearful moment captured on the camera! Instead of being mad at people, the dog not only enjoys the kindness of the human but also he himself comforts his rescuer who is crying out of the emotional moment.

When this video was put on social media, it immediately has become popular. People would comment, ”If you are crying, the dog is crying, I am crying, then who is holding the steering wheel?’

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