About Vera against whom the disease turned out to be powerless.

On July 17 this dog was brought for treatment to the hospital of the Evpatoria Animal Assistance Fund «From Heart to Heart».How did she live and survive on the street?…Probably just lucky.

Vera had papillomatosis,in which areas outside and inside the mouth was affected.She could only eat soft food,but it was also hard for her.In general,it was very hard for her…
There were also papillomas in other parts of the body.But this dog turned out to be one of those who gratefully looks into your eyess and is ready to unconditionally accept and help,do everything they ask for…A wonderful dog with an open soul and a big heart.Doctors believed that they would cope,although the disease was very neglected.That’s why the name was given — Vera(faith).

Treatment was not ecpected to be quick and was calculated for at least a month.But a week later,the first small achievements — papillomas became a little smaller and paler…
In a month and a half,the results of the work of the doctors of the Foundation and Vera’s will to win over the disease exceeded all expectations!

Of course,it’s too early to talk about a full recovery.But already now she is good,and we are preparing to search the best owners and the kindest hands ready to ring this happy story to the final.

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