Adopt an old and useless dog. It was a deliberate decision of the woman

Some dogs live in a loving and caring families. Others are much less fortunate. They are forced to wander the streets in search of food and lodging. Dogs that do not have a home are caught and taken to a shelter.

If it is not possible to settle homeless animals in the family for a long time, they are euthanized. One elderly woman knew this. That is why Melania visited the orphanage. She needed to pick up the oldest and unnecessary dog.

The woman asked the shelter staff to show her the oldest animals, which everyone refused to take home.

72-year-old Melania experienced terrible grief. Her husband is dead. The single woman needed a friend who would understand her. Melania was shown Jack that was already in line to be put to sleep. The dog had big health problems.

Jack not only had cancer but also a skin condition. Melania immediately decided to take the dog to her home.

Jack was very happy to find a loving owner, who surrounded him with care and attention. It doesn’t matter how old the dog is. The main thing to remember is that at any age the animal will be very grateful if it is taken into a caring family.

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