Adorable Kitty visits the beach for the first time and loved her so much that she just can’t stop smiling

Experts insist that our cats do not smile. In fact, they say that features that resemble a smile are signs of the exact opposite: «Cats have the muscular ability to make facial expressions that resemble smiles, but it has nothing to do with happiness! … This behavior is characterized by curved lips, a bowed head, and squinted eyes – all of which can look like smiles. »

Not so long ago, an adorable cat in particular went to the beach and looked absolutely furious at all this, but it turned out that the cat really liked the beach. Today we see a cat whose owners say he absolutely loves the beach, but has facial expressions that may suggest otherwise.

A couple was enjoying the beach when they noticed a kitten, chilling in the sand with his human. When they approached the cat, they saw that the cat seemed to be ecstatic about something and asked the owner the reason.

«The cat owner says this is the first time she has been to the beach,» Semsema Mahmoud said in her Facebook post. It turns out that the cat’s owner let her play on the beach for the first time, and she was so thrilled that she couldn’t help but smile.

We ask the cat experts (that’s you), what do you think?

Look at those big eyes and a wide smile.

Her happiness was so adorable…

Whether she was relaxing in a beach chair …

Or playing in the sand – the adorable cat was on thrilled beyond belief.

They say laughter and happiness are contagious, and we certainly hope that’s true. We definitely need that during the world’s current situation.

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