After the guide dog went blind,the owner was offered to take another…

The friendship between a dog and a man is a very ancient thing.Without a tailed comrade and in agriculture,there are more worries — with the same grazing of cattle,and live more dreary,some kind of spiritual warmth is not enough.

And dogs are wonderful guides for people deprived of vision.There are even breeds of dogs specially bred for this purpose.


One elderly man was blind,and for more than five years he was accompanied everywhere by the most faithful friend — a guide dog,who coped with all the difficulties perfectly.The Tailed Buddy has already been trained in all the nuances of his dog profession — he helped his owner in absolutely everything,protecting him from dangers.

The long years spent together brought the dog and a man very close,And then there was serious vision problems.A desperate treatment followed,but it did not bring success,and the tailed blind.He could no longer help his beloved owner,moreover — now he and the dog need help.

It was lifelong crash for both a man and his faithful pet,whom friends now strongly recommended to take to a dog shelter.It seems like it was regarded as a well-deserved rest for a labor veteran.

But the man couldn’t part with his dear four-legged friend.And the blind man found a new guide,and he was of the same breed as the first one.

The dogs quickly found common ground and became friends.Their owner’s fears that they might conflict were not justified at all.On the contrary,the young dog is very active in helping his older comrade.

And on walks,the owner is accompanied by both pets,so he is always safe.

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