After volunteering in an animal reserve, this girl saved many cheetahs from the hands of rich people

Heather Tookie is currently twenty-three years old. She lives in Beckenham and is friends with an unusual animal.

A couple of years ago, the girl worked as a volunteer in South Africa at the Cheetah Reservation. She could not look without tears at those animals that were there.

In the center, they were engaged in the gradual nursing of little cheetahs that have lost their parents.

True, not everything was so good there. The owners of this organization managed to build a real business on these poor animals. They were nursed simply to be sold to wealthy people as a trophy. It’s better not to know how they used them.

At one point, Heather decided to save at least one cheetah baby.

She launched a campaign on popular social networks and began to collect the necessary funds. Through joint efforts, Heather was able to buy out all the cheetahs, and then transfer them to the reserve. She took the baby Tear for herself.

This, of course, could not solve the problem of exterminating cheetahs just for the sake of trophies.

It is a profitable and very popular business in South Africa. Nevertheless, Heather could not just leave when she learned the sad truth.

Tear knows perfectly well who exactly saved her from the cruel fate of becoming a floor carpet. The animal loves its own savior very much.

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