All the shelter dogs went to new homes,except for the sad dog,which no one liked.

The five-year-old Staffordshire terrier’s name is Daisel.He was left all alone in a shelter in Rezeford.149 relatives went home,and none of the potential adoptive parents liked this baby.

The unfortunate dog felt that no one needed it.He was very sad that all his friends left the shelter one by one,and everyone turned away from him.
But the dog was home until recently!But people couldn’t cope with the pet because it was too active.In addition,Daisel was interested in owner’s horses,and for some reason they didn’t like it.

Daisel can walk on a leash and knows the basic comands.He is very affectionate even with strangers and loves to cuddle.
A lonely animal really wants someone to give him a house and allow him to become part of the family.The baby dreams of long walks with the owner and a warm soft bed

Volunteers are sure that the issue of finding a house will be resolved soon.Well,such a charming dog can’t be alone for a long time.
Let’s wish this pet happiness as soon as possible!

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