Almost knocking down a dog on the road,a man changed its fate,becoming the new owner of the dog….

This story is about the second chance that fate gave to the dog.The dog lived on the street for a long time,so over time he stopped believing people and waiting for someone to pick him up and give him a house.As when the dog was on the street,he didn’t remember anymore,it seemed like it always was.

Kate and Alexei helped this dog.
The couple were going home after a shopping trip.They talked in the car and made plans for the coming days,suddenly Alexei braked sharply in the middle of the road.The man saw a dog,which almost threw himself under the wheels of the car.
As soon as the car stopped,Kate got out and approached the dog.The dog didn’t even try to escape,he was still standing in front of the car.It was clear from all over the appearance of the dog that it had neither an owner nor a house.

-Let’s pick it to the clinic?-Kate offered her husband her plan.
And that’s what the couple did.The doctor did not find any diseases in the dog,but insisted that the animal needed constant care.The veterinarian believed that a stray dog had become not so long ago and was still not used to the hardships of such a life.
The doctor offered to conduct some tests,and then contact the shelter so that its employees could pick up the animal.

Kate and Alexei waited in the clinic all the time while the dog was examined by a doctor.They sincerely felt sorry for the dog,tried to find its former owner,but the search didn’t have any success.After a little thought,the couple decided to take the dog and give her a house.So this dog got his second chance for a happy life in a loving family.

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