«Am I good?» the puppy smiles,hearing a person’s affectionate voice.

Courtney Wingate was in local zoocontrol,where she noticed three charming puppies in the nursery.The girl knew that she couldn’t leave the babies.And when one of the pets smiled at her with the most charming smile in the world,she was finally convinced of it.

Courtney contacted volunteer Sarah Walton,who immediately came for eight-week-old babies.The girl gav the puppies the nicknames Joe and Burro.
An examination by a veterinarian showed that the pets are healthy.
One day Sarah noticed thet whenever someone praised Burro,he immediately showed his teeth,smiling widely.As soon as you say «good boy»,he immediately smiles dazzlingly.

When both puppies were ready to search for home,rescuers published a video about Jow who loves to play,Soon after,the baby went home.
For Burro Sarah decided to shot a video with a smiling puppy and it soon went viral.

In just a few days,the video gained more then forty thousands views.Despite some popularity that Burro has gained,he is still looking for a home.
We hope that very soon this charming baby will have an owner and a hundred real reasons to smile!

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