Amber’s new life after a long road of recovery to repair the damage caused to her dogfighting

Amber’s story was very sad before she found a refugee with good Samaritans who did what was necessary to get her back on her feet. She is now living her best life after showing unparalleled resilience.

Amber was found in 2020 in poor condition on the side of a road in a rural area of North Carolina in the United States. There is no doubt that it had been used for illegal dogfighting.

Her pretty face was in tatters and the wounds had become infected. She was also underweight and suffered from dirofilariasis (or dirofilariasis).

The Rescue Dogs Rocks NYC shelter therefore entrusted her to the Columbia veterinary trauma and emergency unit for a while so that she could benefit from emergency care.As a priority, the veterinarians disinfected the wounds. They noticed at that moment that one of his nostrils was totally destroyed and that the tissue was irreparable. «She needed several surgeries to correct these problems.

She had 5 days of anesthesia in a row so that her dressing was changed regularly to ensure good healing,» surgical nurse Nikki Phillipp told Metro. At the same time, Amber was cured of inflammatory bowel disease and dirofilariasis. She was also sterilized and dewormed.

«After there was enough healthy tissue, the surgeon removed a flap of skin from his neck and placed it on his muzzle. He tried to create 2 new nasal passages, so that she could breathe through her nose. After 2 weeks, she had her stitches removed and looked great,» Nikki said. The road to recovery was still long and Amber was suffering from severe separation anxiety.

Once his health had stabilized, the shelter’s volunteers took over. The dog educators taught her to regain confidence in herself and in humans while the trainers gave her all their affection.

After a while, Amber’s story touched a couple who wanted to adopt her. In the end, she can only breathe through one nostril, but has adapted very well to her condition.

She enjoys today surrounded by love and 2 congeners with whom she is very complicit. Amber weighs, 2 years after her rescue, almost 20 kilos and can now eat on her own.

She is bursting with energy to the delight of her masters and testifies every day to her joy of living this new life.

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