An 8-year-old refugee boy didn’t leave his dog and was with her until the end.

Huseyin al-Hasan is 8 years old,now the boy and his family live in Turkey,but they come from Syria.The family was forced to flee their country because of the war.Recently,this boy showed everyone what real kindness looks like and that your soul is much more important than what you own.

In the middle of the road,the boy noticed a dog that had been hit by a car.The child dragged the dog to the side of the road and brought a blanket from home.Having covered the dog with a blanket,Hussein sat next to her and did not move a single step until the veterinarians called by the adults arrived and took the dog to the clinic.

The boy was at home and looked out the window when he saw that the car had hit a dog running out on the road.Hussein immediately ran out into the street and headed for the animal.

Although it was quite cold in the house where the boy’s family lives,the child brought the blankets to cover the injured dog.
Husseyin did not want to leave the dog alone and sat next to her,trying to calm her down until veterinarians came to pick up the animal.

Unfortunately,it was not possible to help the dog.The doctors simply didn’t have time to help the animal…Perhaps Husseyin made the last minutes of the dog’s life a little less lonely by his act.

Many of his neighbors saw the boy’s act and soon the news spread around a small Turkish city.A few days later,a deputy mayor appeared on the doorstep of the house where Husseyin’s family lives.The official decided to personally thank the child for his kindness and humanism.

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