An abandoned kitten changed my life!

I’m 30 years old and,as they say,neither a kitten nor a child.Unlike all-powerful women who enjoy loneliness,this situation literally drove me crazy.I didn’t know what to do.For some reason men don’t want to start a serious relationship with me.But I really want a family and a child.

When I turned 31,I realized thet I would most likely be left alone.My friends got married a long time ago,their children will go to schoo,and I’m still alone.I have a wonderful work,I own an art gallery where young artists and photographers are exhibited.I make good money and don’t need money.For seven years of work,I bought myself an apartment,a car,go abroad every summer and dream of a sphinx cat.
It was raining outside the window — my favorite weather.I brewed a mug of coffee and walked up to the window.I was wrapped in a plaid warm blanket and felt incredibly comfortable.A tiny blurred kitten was looping in the middle of the road between the cars.He couldn’t cross the road,bumping into wheels,at that moment my heart broke.

I dropeed my blanket and jumped out into the street.I ran out onto the road,waving my hands.I grabbed the kitten and returned to the sidewalk again.Bringing it home,I heated the milk and poured it into a bowl.The kitten greedily drank everything to the last drop.I called a taxi and went to the clinic.The kitten was reddemed,dried,vaccinated and given back to me.
That’s what I called this miracle — Miracle.I suddenly realized how valuable life is.
I was still left alone,but I don’t suffer from it anymore.I enjoy my own life and I’m not afraid of loneliness.Even an ordinary kitten can change our lives.I’m sure it was a gift to me from above.

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