An abandoned newborn girl was saved by local doggies, that kept the baby warm.

In one of the provinces of India, local villagers found a newborn baby in a dog den. The most striking thing was that there was not a single scratch on the baby, that is, the dogs not only did not harm the baby, but actually saved the her life.

Hearing the cry of the girl, the farmers themselves went into the den and were shocked to see the newborn. The police did not find any traces or clues to get on the trail of her parents. They just cut the umbilical cord roughly and left the baby there.

It was clear that the child was not born in the hospital. Surely, the mother of the dogs discovered her and dragged her to the den, and only this saved her from a rather cold night. They found her very timely and the fact that she remained alive was a real miracle.

The most surprising thing is that in this area there were a huge number of aggressive stray dogs and the cases of attacks on people and livestock were not rare.

The rescue of the girl scattered throughout the Indian press.

The girl was given the name Akanksha and we hope that luck will accompany her throughout her life.

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