An adorable alliance between the Great German Shepherd and the Little Ferret

Diana, the owner of the hefty German shepherd dog Nova, was very worried about how she would perceive the appearance of another pet in the family, moreover, a completely different biological species – a ferret.

The opinion of the ferret also had to be taken into account – how would he react to this huge toothy creature?

But all the fears turned out to be in vain, the ferret Pakko, with his sneakiness and curiosity, perfectly matched the characters with Nova.

Moreover, now Diana has more and more to grab the camera to capture the amazing moments of the relationship between these two.

Cast: Nova (shepherd dog), Pakko (ferret). Please do not confuse!

These two do not need separate beds. Let not be the smartest, but they are the funniest and most charming.

Is this a game or a battle? They both have serious faces …

These are just games! It looks like Pakko is replaying in this episode of the “movie” … What is the bed like this? Get out of here, it’s mine!

Although sleeping together is also normal.

Nova and Pakko are real friends! And no worries that one is a German shepherd, and the other is a ferret.They understand each other, this is what is important!

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