An adult cat couldn’t hold back his instincts when he saw an orphan kitten.

A tiny kitten was noticed near a residental area.Her mother wasn’t around,and the baby was desperately squeaking,asking for help.

Residents of Oregon,USA,noticed several small kittens who were without a mother.After waiting a few hours,people decided to take weak and tiny kittens to Shelby’s Kitten SafeHouse.
Unfortunately,at the time they brought the kittens to the shelter,only one kitten remained…The only cat was surrounded by love and care to preserve her health.

When the kitty recovered a little,one of the employees took her for overexposure.Only when she brought the baby home,the kitten immeiately become interested in the guardian’s pet cat — Polar.He really wanted to get to know her.

However,the cat,nicknamed Cleo,still had to be cured.A couple of weeks later,the baby was finally introduced to Polar,who was witing for a meeting all this time.It was love at first sight — the cat immediately took Cleo under his care.He licked her face and was around like dad.
Cleo felt save around the cat and spent a lot of time around him.

When the baby grows up,a permanent home will be picked up for her.In the meantime,she is under the care of her big fluffy friend,and enjoys life!

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