An adult dog in the shelter takes care of a puppy with a rare disease and became his mother.

Dogs are creatures with a huge heart,and they were born to be loved.The outside world is too dangerous for them because they must stand up for themselves.They need the care of their mother or owner,who will take good care of them,but some people ruthlessly throw these unfortunate animals out the door,leaving them desperately fighting for survival.

Employees of the shelter were informed about two puppies thrown near the lake and hiding in a pipe.They immediately went out to save the puppies,bringing them some food and water.While one of the puppies went out and allowed the rescuer to stroke him,the other showed no interest and remained in the pipe.
They took them to the shelter,ensuring careful bathing and careful care.One dog’s name was Plush and the other’s name was Lucia.After swimming they noticed that Lucia was making strange sounds.They were immediately taken to the vet for an examination.She was diagnosed with megaesophagus.

A few days after the operation,Lucia went to the shelter and Plush rejoiced when saw her sister returning from the clinic.Fortunately,after the shelter published photos of Plush,a good family quickly decided to adopt her.Now she lives in a beautiful house with caring owners.

Little Lucia stayed in the shelter.Her life was not easy,but it turned out to be a great happiness that a dog from an orphanage named Mimi became a patient mom for this puppy.
She takes care of Lucia and always accompanies her.They got along right away.Mimi was the one who helped Lucia return to normal life by being next to her when she needed it.I hope Lucia will soon get used to living in a shelter and get a second chance to find a permanent home.

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