An adult orphan elephant returned to her rescuers with her baby.

12 years ago,the elephant named Galana was found on the border of Tsavo National Park in Kenya.Her mother was apparently killed by poachers and the baby was left alone.By the time she arrived at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust,Galana was very weak and extremely scared.But people saved her.
With DSWT,Galana turned from a milk-dependent 1-year-old elephant into a healthy adult elephant.In 2011,Galana was released,and she lived with a herd of elephants lad by another former orphan named Yatta.

Galana periodically visits the DSWT Ithumba Reintegration Department,where she spent her childhood.»Yatta’s group usually comes here once a month,»said Aimee Alden.
During her last visit,Galana gave the rescuers the biggest gift.

Once early morning in September,the guardians noticed Galana and a group of elephants behind the fence.Coming closer,they saw a baby next to Galana.The child was born only a few hours ago,which meant that Galana gave birth nearby.
When the gate was opened,two of the little orphans(Laragai and Naroka) ran out to meet the elephants.And the holiday began.»They were so excited with joy for the newborn that they trumpeted all over the district,»wrote a DSWT employee on Facebook.

«We are glad that Galana lives a normal life of an elephant,and became a mother for the first time,»Alden said.
«We hope that Goa will live a long and happy life.And that one day she will also become a mother.»

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