An elderly man was taken out of coma by a dog with his barking.

It would seem completely unrealistic to wake up a person who’s in coma.But that’s exactly what happened to Andy Sas.He was able to wake up of the deep coma by his favorite dog’s barking.

Since then,he calls Teddy his guardian angel and savior,because it saved his seriously ill owner.The clinic staff,succumbing to the persuasion of the man’s wife on this day allowed his beloved puppy to visit the owner.The man was lying in the ward in a coma and Teddy sat down next to him.

Then Andy said that the puppy was put on his chest and then he was able to wake him up and since then the man has been sure that the dog is his guardian angel.
This happened five years ago,when a pensioner treated intestinal cancer and at the same time he began to have pneumonia,which made him even worse and doctors decided to put Andy into a coma to save him of suffering.

Four days later,the man woke up with his faithful pet on his chest and the dog,meanwhile,licked his face.Doctors were simply amazed at this outcome.
Now Teddy is the main figure in his owner’s life.He is eternal companion while resting,walking and jogging.

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