An exhausted dog was sitting in a pit and looking upstairs with a plea for help…

A group of tourists studied shallow cave and found a hungry dog in one of them.The animal sat in a cave at a depth of 9 meters and constantly looked up,as if hoping that help would come from there.

Tourists speleologists went to explore caves in one of Indiana’s reserves when a skinny dog was found in a cave at a depth of 9 meters underground.The animal clearly needed help and people decided to save it.
With the help of ropes,the dog was lifted upstairs.The dog was very weak,it was clear that he had suffered without food and water for a long time.Despite his misadventures,the dog trusted people and behaved calmly,which made it very easy to rescue him from the cave.

When the dog was pulled out,it was so exhausted that it could see its ribs.The dog was immediately taken to the animal rescue center.
Experts decided that the dog could just get lost and the owners could not find it.The dog and his amazing salvation were told in the news and this made it possible to find its owners.
It turned out that a dog named Hawkai,which translates as «Haweye»,disappeared two weeks ago.The dog ran away from the owners during the walk and they didn’t see it again.The family made a lot of effort to find their pet,but their search was never successful.

When the owners came to pick up Hawkai,he was very happy.The dog was spinning around people,kissing them and showing how happy he was to see his family in all possible ways.The owners were also happy that their pet was found safe and healthy.

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